Every student sooner or later faces teacher’s assignment to create a book report. It is quite a common task given to the students in colleges and universities. Moreover, writing a book report is often a necessary condition to complete some academic courses within liberal arts education.

To write a high-grade book report essay student has to make time for reading the whole book and carry out an in-depth analysis of the issues the author raises in the book. On the one hand, one should show that he or she perfectly understands intention of the author. On the other hand, they should suggest an original point of view to demonstrate their ability to put all the thoughts into a coherent and easy-to-read text.

While some students perform this task easily, the major part treat it as a challenge. And there are some objective reasons to explain it. Most students cannot find enough time to write even a short book report as they are overwhelmed with other writing assignments within university educational program. Even if one manages to read a book on time, they might not be able to find sufficient arguments to support their point of view that is usually required in this task.

Sometimes student is forced to choose among book genres he or she doesn’t like at all. For example, they may need to write an essay on historical novel while they prefer fantasy. In this case the student is not interested in wasting time on reading the book that doesn’t suit them.

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