Students who are involved in research activity know that before conducting any exploration one should suggest its idea, possible ways of implementation and its contribution to science.

Thesis proposal is a basement of future research which contains a short description of a planned investigation including its purposes and hypotheses, methods to be used, concise review of theoretical works related to the topic of the study etc. In a word, it should present your science project and demonstrate its feasibility and validity.

Writing a thesis proposal requires observance of its strictly defined structure which implies the presence of several necessary elements. The most common ones are introduction to the topic, research issue, description of methods, literature review and references.

  • Thesis proposal introduction is the first part of the work that contains a presentation of the research idea and a few statements about the importance of solving your research issue.
  • Research aim specifies the subject of the study and outlines what you actually will explore (measure/compare) in your investigation.
  • Methods contains a description of the procedure and techniques you will use to check your research hypothesis.
  • Literature reviewbrings a reader into scientific context of future study. It is a brief summary of results from previous researches related to the topic.
  • References include list of literature sources that were or will be used by a student. In master or phd thesis proposal it can be incomplete and get extended during work preparation.

Difficulties in thesis proposal writing

To make a good thesis proposal one needs to have deep understanding of the chosen research topic. It means that a young scientist should conduct an introductory study and shape all his findings in a concise and clear form. Obviously it usually takes a lot of time and efforts.

First of all, one should gather lots of research papers and go through these texts to define key points. It’s equally important to organize collected information in an appropriate way and to pick out only several things worth reviewer’s attention.

No matter whether you are going to prepare offline or online thesis proposal, formal criteria of text design and standards of academic writing (APA, MLA etc.) should be strictly followed. You should closely monitor type and size of applied fonts (note the differences between titles, subtitles, main text), text alignment, citation style etc. It’s also clear that your thesis proposal should be plagiarism-free and contain all the mentioned references.

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